Staying Healthy at School

Hi Lovelies,

Before I get started, I would like to first and foremost apologize for the lack of posts this week. School is turning out to be quite challenging and time consuming this year, and blogging on top of that is also very very challenging. I need to find a way to balance my school, blog, and social lives. (Hint hint, blog post soon) 

I am super strict about what I eat, and going to school is NOT an excuse to eat junk food. I find it just as easy to pack a lush green salad as it is to pack a slice of cake; and to be honest I find it just as delicious. And the best hint I can give about packing healthy lunches is doing it the night before. 

PROTEIN //  Protein is what makes me full at lunch, because I eat lots of fruits and veggies at lunch. I typically tend to stay with lean grilled chicken, salmon, and nuts. I love organic almond butter to dip my apples in. 

GREENS //  Having a veggie in you lunch is a wonder. It is filling yet, super healthy. I love organic spinach. 

FRUITS //  Having fruit is just like having candy for me. It is super sweet, but yet the sweetness al all NATURAL ... way to go Mother Earth! Today, I sliced a whole organic gala apple, and a cup of organic grapes and put them in my lunch. 

SOMETHING SWEET //  Seeing people eat sweets at lunch really puts me on edge and I get MAJOR cravings. This past weekend though, I tried a delicious recipe for VEGAN four ingredient, and HEALTHY chocolate chip cookies. (I'll share soon) 

And to drink? I typically have water or unsweetened organic tea. 

Make sure to be kind to nature too. I LOVE Pyrex glass containers, and plus they are microwaveable.  

Keep your lunches very colorful. 

What do you want to see next? Email me at apairofchicpearls@gmail.com .

xx, Kira 


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