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Today is day #2 of ice storm! So that means that I have today off as well! 

I love finding new things that keep me occupied for hours at a time. Yesterday, was the first of my two snow days and I couldn't be more excited. For a while now, as you know, I have been craving macaroons. Over the past few weeks, I have been looking at recipes online and looking at the reviews of the recipes. This project was real. Thanks to the snow day, I actually had time to bake something super yummy.

I woke up yesterday and I thought to myself: today is the day I am finally going to make macaroons. Let me just tell you, it took me almost four hours to make them. The recipe I used was so helpful, it even had a video to explain what to do. I was so excited!

I find that baking is a great way to let loose. It is a great outlet for any reason; escape boredom, eat your feelings (to a certain extent) or if you just want something sweet to share with friends and family.

macaroons are ready to be baked

I was so worried that they would rise when they baked, they did! 

beautiful raspberry butter cream filling. 

plenty to share! 

beautiful details
 Tomorrow on Valentine's Day, I am probably going to bring some to school to hand out to some friends. I cannot wait to show off my beautiful work of art.

I hope you take time today to do something that you love to do. You are very important and need to spend quality time doing things that you love!


ps. Check back later for another post! 


  1. I need friends like you that will bring me macaroons to school! Or would even share her macaroons! I have never had one so enjoy one for me!!!

    Love Always,

    1. They are so amazing, and fairly easy to make! I will happily have one for you ;)


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