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Living in a fast paced world we often forget to stop and smell the beautiful roses of life. Part of my New Year's goal was to slow down and enjoy every moment of life. Ever since I have been doing this I have been just happy. Plain and simple: happy. I mean sure I have bad days, every one does, but now they don't bother me. I know that the sun will always set and it will always rise the next day. Life goes on. But the key to living a really happy life is enjoying the small things as they come.

For example, Pinterest is a great place to find little things that just make you happy to look at. Whenever I have a spare moment in my life; like riding in the car to school, eating lunch or just down time, I love to see what little pleasures in life make me really happy to look at. 

this is my picture. the roses were just too beautiful not to take a picture of.

In addition to the challenges I presented you with yesterday, try taking today in stride. Slow down and find some little things in your day that make you smile. I promise once you open your eyes to new and smaller details to life, there is so much to smile about. At the end of the day today, make a list of things that make you happy. Maybe, you can continue on the list every day. 

some little things that make me happy ::
watching my puppy snuggle in her bed
finally getting that one section perfect in a piano piece
getting the perfect hang clean lift 
laughing uncontrollably at something silly a friend did
Chuck Bass (#duh)
taking pictures (even selfies sometimes, no shame)
pinning inspirational quotes
crawling in bed after a long day
deadlifting at training
finishing a really good book and not knowing what to do with my life
the way my "e" looks when I write it
smiling at random people
my favorite pen
that one craving that won't go away (right now it is macaroons)
overcoming a mini obstacle
my mama and daddy

What makes you happy? 


  1. Tea and finishing a really good book are really high on my list too. And, of course, my doggies! And laughing with my husband. Oh, and J. Crew and shoes.

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  2. At the moment, my morning cup of coffee, seeing my husband of 57 years get up and go to Mass and me off to Aerobics in the sunshine. Being able to plan the day to take us in any direction that we would like to go. Retirement years are such a blessing - if you live long enough to get them - and if you have worked hard enough to have earned them when it becomes your time. Each moment is precious and must be grasped when it comes. GM

  3. I think making a list is a perfect idea!!! I havent thought of making an ongoing list to make myself happy when I need it!!

    Love Always,


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