You know summer is coming to a close when the blueberries start becoming super sweet and tasty. However sad that may be it's worth the super yummy blueberry pie!

I'm not a fan of tomatoes, but I couldn't help but take a picture! I was so amazed by all of the different types and colors of these baby tomatoes.

I LOVE cherries. These cherries looked to die for, too bad we already picked some up earlier at Whole Foods. 

Pizza will always have my heart. Going around the farmer's market I always have my eyes open for samples. The girl selling this tomato sauce told the story of how her grandfather came over from Italy and established the first pizza place in Savannah, Georgia. This sauce was amazing, so of course I bought some to make a pizza! It is made with fresh tomatoes and herbs and NO sugar. How cool is that?

King of Pops is known to be the best place to get popsicles in Charleston, SC. Of course I had to take a peek to see what flavors they were offering that day, the strawberry lemonade was perfect for a 90 degree outing.

My daddy does not ask for much, but the only thing he wanted was chocolate cake. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any chocolate cake at the actual market, so a side trip to a local bakery for decadent chocolate cake was a must. Naturally, I ate the corner that had the most icing. (How am I not 500 pounds??)

I absolutely love to eat, and you should probably know that by know. As I mentioned previously, I like to prepare everything that I make as well. I am human and I love to eat out every once in a while, but most of the time I indulge in foods that I or my mommy have created with our own two hands. What better way is there to get the freshest, most beautiful foods than at the farmer's market? Yesterday, my mommy, my little doggie and I explored the rows of fruits, veggies and locally made sodas and sauces at our local farmer's market. In preparation for company arriving this weekend, there was lots of stocking up to do: delicious cinnamon chip bread, fresh-pressed olive oil and red tomatoes were number one on our list. But of course I got side tracked by all of the beautiful colors, oh and the samples. ;)

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