The room reno is going absolutely fantastic. It has been painted and the furniture has been put into place. Besides that hardwood floor that has been backordered, the incomplete lighting fixtures and the small bedroom detail touches it is basically finished.

Originally, I was just planning on redoing my bedroom. One thing led to another and my bathroom just ended up getting a face lift with some fresh paint and new hardware. Thankfully I made the best decision on the subway tile flooring, so that did not need to be redone. The pepto bismol pink walls were recovered with light lavender and the accents have gotten a fresh new outlook in white. I spotted this shower curtain online and scooped it up when I had the members only discount. With the light colors, rustic chair and the crisp accessories this bathroom has become my little Parisian escape.

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-29at31507PM_zps78b6635b.png


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