Well this week has certainly been a bit weird. Returning from  Ecuador Sunday and being hit with a stomach bug was not my ideal way to be welcomed back to the USofA. I'm never sick, but when I am it shuts me down. Many post-vacay workouts have been postponed; however, I got to spend everyday with my puppy. In the end, I see no problems. Have a happy weekend!

- I love discovering inspiring health tibits on Pinterest. When I happens to stumbled across 50 Health Habits Every Woman Should Have, my heart skipped a beat. I literally spent like an hour reading (read: memorizing) each one. My name was written all over it. 

- As you probably know, I'm a sucker for interior design (hence my own room redo). Casey DeBois, interior designer for Homepolish, has a picture perfect, Pinterest-worty NYC apartment. Can you say future apartment inspiration?

- Staying in bed all day is asking for an internet blog search. After following Jacey Duprie's Instagram for quite some time, I finally got around to checking out her blog. Damsel in Dior has officially been added to not only my blog reading list, but also my blog redesign inspiration list. The content, pictures and design are fantastic. 

- School is approaching in less than a month (gross). But with going to school comes a plethora of fresh new school supplies and apparel. This Kate Spade planner and Whitney English planner both have my heart. Now which one to ultimately choose? (sorry, Lilly P. your planners did not hold up well for me.)

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