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Today is Monday. Not only that today is the last Monday of February 2018. March is this week. I think we can all agree that January this year lasted three years and February lasted three seconds. This past weekend I had an incredible weekend in Barcelona, Spain with my friends. While I am completely exhausted from walking over 20 miles these past few days with a massive pile of laundry and an empty fridge (the travel lifestyle is NOT glam, like I think for breakfast today I have no choice but a granola bar I have hidden in my drawer), for the first time in a while I let myself feel free and let go of whatever was holding me back. I danced in the street, sang a lot of Ed Sheeran, took a ton of pictures, spoke exactly what was on my mind, bought a purse, drank lots of sangria ... lots of sangria. I feel so recharged, inspired, creatively motivated and ready to take this next (super super super) busy week of college head on. Now that February is closing, these next few months are going to fly by. I am literally traveling every single week. While I don't even know how I am going to even manage some of these quick turnarounds in addition to maintaining good grades, preparing for housing and coursework back at Wake next year and planning more travel for the summer - I have decided to take some time today to write five promises to myself during these crazy busy next few months.

- I promise to stay in this moment.

- I promise to continue to be kind - to others of course, but lately I am recognizing the power of actively giving the love I give to other people to myself as well because I too deserve to be loved.

- I promise to be humble and grateful for every annoyance, for every travel mishap, for every moment where it doesn't seem to be going as it should - I promise to remember that in a bigger picture how truly fortunate I am to be experiencing what I am experiencing in Europe.

- I promise to honor myself and those around me by speaking my truth and sharing exactly what I am thinking. At the same time, I promise to be aware of when a square peg just won't fit in a round hole.

- I promise to never go a day without laughing.

Happy Monday :)

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