An essential part of this life is to do things that make you feel alive. There is a difference between simply existing and living. Existence is merely breath. Living is where you feel your breath in you come alive in all the colors - not only do you see color, you life feels like color. I want to live a life where I am not existing to pass the time. Time will always pass but I want to catch each and every second like lightening bugs on a summer's night. Each moment has it's own magic and its own light. It is up to us to find it. These moments are the lightening bugs - everywhere but we have to have the eagerness to look for them, knowing that timing is everything. Should we forget what this feeling is like we need look no further than existence, which is in an of itself is a gift. It's not a place I want to linger for too long for life is calling me, but it is a place to come back to when we need humbled about how lucky we are to be alive. 

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