Hoya Saxa

My internet presence has been relatively quiet these past couple of months, however, this website is the final place where I have yet to share the most recent development in my academic life. I have talked about my decision to graduate a year early from Wake Forest University and my research plans from this past summer, but I have not shared about this past semester is how I have kept myself busy taking seminars for both of my majors, writing my political science senior thesis all while writing my applications, taking the GRE and preparing myself for graduate school.

All the major developments, realizations about who I am and the gratitude for the people who have been there and supported me throughout my three years at Wake Forest have allowed me the grace, skill and determination to share that I will be attending the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University this upcoming summer for an accelerated Masters in Management Science. I will be a part of the second cohort for this innovative, tech-forward program that will compliment my liberal arts background with business skills that will serve as the basis for a career in business on the international scale.

This program was no doubt my top choice so each and every day I am constantly reminding myself of the power of a dream, hard work and support system that I have found here at Wake Forest and from my friends and family. Forever a Deac, but now Hoya Saxa!

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