Motivation Monday + My Weekend in Pictures.

Happy Monday Beauties! 
(I am experimenting with new spacing in this post. comments?) 

I am so incredibly sorry for the lack of posts last week. The only word I can use to describe the past week would have to be: HECTIC. I had so much homework, many tests, and an upcoming piano concert to prepare for. This past weekend has been amazing. I completed all of my homework on Friday night and I spent the rest of the weekend doing things that I love.

On Saturday, I worked out for the first time in a very long while. (I'll explain in a late blog post) It was so hard to get back in the swing of working out but after I was complete: it was the most amazing feeling ever. I played my piano for a little while and got dressed and showered and then I went downtown with my family. We had a lovely lunch.

Then I browsed at J. Crew and Anthropologie to look for some new denim. Can you believe that I came out empty handed? The demin is always too short in stores so I knew that I had to buy online. Problem? Anthro was way out of my price range. J. Crew fit me perfectly in the hips ... too short AND they do not sell talls in 24s. ugh 

But I did buy a new phone case at Anthropologie for my new, beautiful iPhone 5s!!! It was originally $28 dollars but as I was browsing the sale room (aka the room of magical wonders) I fount it to be only $7! I had to buy it. No questions asked.


On Sunday, I slept in until 10:00. It was blissful. I spent the morning eating a beautiful granola breakfast and playing some more piano. Then I met Cathie (remember her?) at Starbucks before going to see a movie in French. This was the best extra credit assignment ever!

I got a skinny vanilla latte and a petit vanilla scone.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and a lovely week. Work hard this week! Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are right around the corner and there will be plenty (of blog posts [and]) time to relax. 

xoxo Kira

I have a piano concert tonight!! I will write about it sometime this week. I know all of my hard work will pay off. 


  1. I liked everything, especially your activities! Have a lovely concert - maybe your Mom will record it and send it to me - ask her. Yum on the Starbucks order! All is good here in Middlefield. M

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    1. Thank you so very much! The Anthropologie sale room is one of my most favorite places ever.

      xoxo Kira


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