What I Wore ~ French Film

Yesterday, I talked about what I did over the weekend. But did I mention what I wore? It has been so hot here in the Southeast, like last week it was in the low 50s but Sunday was super hot like in the low 70s. That is way too warm for fall!! Recently I bought a romper that I was going to wear during the spring and summer, but I decided that there would be no other perfect time than to wear it to the French movie I saw.

By the way, I look all of these pictures with my iPhone 5s. The camera is amazing!! 

ROMPER // SCARF (vintage)

OXFORDS // SOCKS (vintage)

This outfit is really different from others that I have worn. I like it because it is still classy, but very vintage looking. I almost feel like I should be walking along the streets of New York in the 1930s. A little bowl hat would totally complete the look. 

xoxo, Kira

PS - Yes, I have stitches and a Steri-strip on my face. I shall explain later. Actually before school today I am getting all of that removed. 

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