Motivation Monday + My Weekend in Pictures

Welcome to Monday! 

Wow, I can't believe that last Monday I was preparing for a week of many quizzes and tests. Last week was a crazy week filled with jam packed days of notes, sick days (I did not skip any school), and many long nights of studying (long for me is until 10, I'm a baby I know). This week; however, is only two days and most of my teachers understand that these last two days are where our brains start to become inactive. 

This week I would like to stress the importance of loving yourself. I know, I know - It's very hard to love yourself after devouring almost a whole box of cookies and turning to view your profile in the mirror, or feeling the lack of productiveness after spending more than two hours on Instagram. But never fear, it's completely normal and human to make these kinds of mistakes. Last week, I was sick for the greater part of the week, this caused me to feel very under the weather and I could not work out. I couldn't work out the week before because I had a minor surgery. Presumably, my very strict eating guidelines began to loosen, as I ate ice cream (actually frozen yogurt) every night and I didn't control my portion sizes like normally. But I can rise from this tragic mind and state of fitness fall. I feel a whole lot better. Saturday I went to training and kicked butt and Sunday I went to a spin class with my mom. Working out really helps me to get on track. And now that my workouts for the week are set, I am working to get my eating habits back to tip-top shape. Frankly, I feel much better and much happier. 

Here are a few words that helped me through this phase of my life ... 


This weekend was a great one. I got some things together last minute and I finally had some time to relax and put up some Christmas decorations around my room! 

On Friday, I found the most perfect quote from Jackie Kennedy. 

This was my workout from Saturday, and not to mention the workout that I did for the first time in a week. It was a tough one, but I survived and I am here telling the tale. 

This is my science project that I worked on all of Saturday morning. I was so happy with the result. My teacher is planning on putting these tiles in her ceiling to make a periodic table. I am so excited to see what it looks like! Please excuse the totally fabulous outfit I have on, I still had not changed from my workout.

These are just half of the lemons that my mama and I picked from out garden. I cant wait to make a pie or some nice detox water. 

Sunday morning consisted of downing a liter and a half of water during a tough spin class. I felt so clean and refreshed afterwards. 

After another  piano concert on Sunday, my family and I went out to dinner. It was so lovely to spend time with my mom and my dad after a long week of hustle and bustle. After dinner, my daddy and I took a trip to Starbucks. 

Have a happy Monday! 

xoxo, Kira 

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  1. I am so proud of my granddaughter, Kira. She is talented, motivated and enthusiastic. She lives in SC and I live in Ohio so I think we are fortunate to live in the Information Age and can be connected in so many ways. I have seen so many of her awesome traits in both of her parents so she has been blessed with the best of genes and it is a joy to see. She has taken everything one step beyond and I can see now that she will not be halted! Good for you, Kira, keep reaching --- GM


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