Whimsical Weekend ~ Autumn Bucket List End

When autumn first started I thought to myself something along the lines of: Wow! Freshman year is so easy! I am going to have so much free time it's going to be absolutely great and I am going to get to see my friends a lot. This fall I can do so much with my free time. The weather is beautiful, so let's have lots and lots of fun. ha. 

Well, with many weekends of homework and studying, and weekdays of either rainy or super hot, I would love to go back and tell that little newbie freshman what was going to happen in the next few months. Grades, schoolwork, tests, quizzes and more schoolwork is where my life has been for the last few months. And not to mention the constant commitment of working out every day after school. 

So this is my as promised final synopsis of the end of my bucket list: 

If you can't already tell, I am a very analytical thinker. I love to check things off, cross them out, and circle. The ones that are crossed out mean that they are not currently going to be out of season for winter. The circled ones are ones that I want to complete in the winter bucket list. Finally, I have checked some off. Yay! 

I originally really wanted to complete this entire bucket list. I am sad I didn't, but I know there will be a time and a place fore everything. I am still figuring out freshman year. Yes, my butt is being totally kicked right now. There is one word I would like to leave you to ponder this weekend:

T I M E 

xoxo, Kira 

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