I love to eat. But even more than loving to eat, I love to prepare the foods I am eating. There is something just so satisfactory about creating a delicious masterpiece in with your own two hands. In my house we eat a lot of the same meals: salmon dinner here, pasta dinner there. Sometimes, le chef (aka Mama) asks me what I feel like having for dinner, and normally I feel like having one of the usual dishes. Friday that was not the case as we were strolling through Whole Foods. 

Nowadays, I cannot stomach red meat. I think it was one of the factors leading up to me getting so sick last week. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Last Friday, I was in the mood for none other than a delicious chicken sandwich. Being the gourmet foodie/health nut, I gathered all of the ingredients I needed in Whole Foods to make a fabulous, gourmet chicken sandwich that I truly believe is restaurant worthy and healthy(ish). 

Start off with the best chicken breast that you can buy, I like Whole Foods quality. Prepare chicken for grilling with either a sauce such as this T Lish sauce, or a simply covered in olive oil. For a perfect summer night dinner, corn is a must for a side dish. 

As for the outer part of the sandwich, if in a pinch, a fluffy roll would do. I picked up a beautiful ciabatta bread loaf. For maximum amount of flavor, I cut the bread pretty thickly. To create a smoky taste for the sandwich, prepare the bread however you like to be grilled. I did not do anything to my bread; however, you could do a pat of garlic butter, a splash of olive oil or a drop of lemon juice.

Throw everything onto your grill and cook until you reach your preference. I grilled my chicken about six minutes each side, and the bread about one minute each side. It was beautiful.

As for condiments and sides go I stuck to the basics: lettuce and tomato. My parents ate the type of lettuce pictured. I opted for spinach because it gave a little more texture and flavor to my sandwich. Grapes and peaches were also a great addition as a simple side dish for the sandwich.

Plate your sandwich and viola! This was a very simple, filling dinner to create. If it wasn't thundering outside, I would have enjoyed this delicious dinner outside with a glass of lemonade by the pool. 

There is only one way to complete a dinner … Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato.

Let me know if you try this simple recipe, I would love to see your recreation. 

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