Room Redo : Sneak Peek

Remember that room project I was working on all last year? I can safely say that it is almost finished. Besides a few pieces for the walls and a couple knickknacks, the room is complete. Throughout my life I have never had the "perfect room": a) there was always something that I wasn't completely happy about or b) I was just not interested because I was super little. Anyway with the college years fast approaching and my style tastes finally starting to be more consistent, I have found a room that I will be so thankful and so happy to come home to for years to come. The bright colors are just bright enough so that they are soothing and I love the pops of "boho" that are spread though out the room, but over all it is simple yet inviting. Once I get the wall party going the full room will be revealed, but for now … shhh. 

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If you have any questions to where things are from, just shoot me an email or leave a comment.


ps - I know, I know. I've been the worst blogger ever. But with the new year things will start to be picking up more and more around here. Did you see anything different? I thought it would be best to start this new year and new recommitment with a fresh template. Isn't it gorgeous? For my readers, I only want the best quality of content on my blog. Expect at least one post a week for now. xx

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