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[ W a n d e r l u s t ]

Week one of the promise and then wow … life just happened. Remember that promise that I made to you in the last post? You know the one about a quality blog post each week? Last week … where do i even begin. I'm a sophomore in high school. I did not do anything blogworthy. Monday and Tuesday were final exams and when I got home from school each day I ate waffles and watched Harry Potter. Wednesday I went to school for 45 minutes and Thursday and Friday I had off from school. Do you want to know what I did over my five day weekend? I watched movies. That's it just watched movies. I. Have. A. Cold. I'm never ever, ever sick. So this weekend was about survival. I survived a Charleston Fashion Week rehearsal with a drippy nose and a dying whale cough and I survived Fashion Week fittings feeling bloated more whale-y than ever (thanks, popcorn and pasta, true friends you are).

Today is a new day. Not just any new day. New semester day. New classes day. T-minus two months until fashion week mega super healthy eating start day. I need a vacation. 


ps - If you are feeling wanderlust too read my Santorini post!!

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  1. I hope your annoying cold has disappeared. Put your smile back and go forth and attack that second semester. Treat each day, each moment, with joy. Manypeople love you! GM


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