Seven Things I Learned from Being a Sophomore

Hello friends of the internet …

Today marks the very first day of summer break. : )

I know. It's literally been forever - almost six months to be exact. I have heard from many many sources that junior year of high school is supposed to be the tough one, but if that's the case than I don't even really understand the true meaning of hell. The only word that I could even use to summarize my sophomore year of high school is hell, because unfortunately, that is basically what it was. First semester was fine. I mean I dropped my one creative outlet (le blog, ahem) to help me adjust to my new school. Adjustment to the more than 4000 kid high school? Not a problem, I made friends almost instantly. Adjustment to the workload that came with my sophomore year? In comparison to food the workload of freshman year was like a single sprinkle and sophomore year was like a all the sprinkles in the United States of A-freaking-merica combined. Yeah that much. First semester was all about adjusting to my new crazy huge environment socially. I did a pretty good job keeping my sanity and I even had time to workout occasionally. It was great and exams rolled around and boom all my classes from first semester were done and I was cruising into second semester #likeaboss. And literally the first day of second semester I saw my life flash before my eyes. For some strange reason I thought it would be a great idea to take classes to get ahead almost one year and to start taking classes that normal people would take junior or even senior year (hello, French IV #onlysophomore and Chemistry!!) But seriously guys, I can't even explain how sh***y the quality of my life has been for the past, oh, four months. Everyday day in and day out, I was doing something with school, whether it be homework or projects or simply being at school - the only thing that consumed my thoughts was school. I stopped working out, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped finding creative outlets, I stopped seeing people, not even kidding guys I became a hermit. But worst of all, I found out that I have horrible horrible awful anxiety that eventually blossomed into a really bad social anxiety. I had spent so much time doing school work that now that I sit here I have forgotten what it had felt like in the past just to do nothing but ride the ride of life. With today being my last day of school and my final final this morning, I have emerged from the stupid black hole that I had been living in for so long and commenced sweet summertime with a lunch with some amazing friends, yoga and Pretty Little Liars. 

Without further adieu here are seven things that I have learned from my insane sophomore year: 

1. Anxiety will win only if you let it win.

2. Having something to fall back onto as a creative outlet is truly the key to survival. In case you weren't aware … mine is Instagram.

3. True friends really are there no matter what. I have learned who my true friends are this year. In case you need help in this department the biggest thing I learned is that if someone truly wishes to remain friends even if you have parted ways in some small aspect of life they will still reach out to you. If you are still waiting on them … move on! There are so many people in this world and you just have to find them!

4. Exercise. No matter what, find time to exercise. Not only will you get that rocking bod (still looking for mine) but you will also relieve a killer amount of stress. 

5. Late night snacking is a B*TCH. So thattts where those extra ten pounds came from, stress eating!! (me too)

6. Sleep is a luxury, in April I do not remember jumping into bed before midnight, once. Weekends? Yeah every Friday night I went to bed around 9:00. Crazy Friday nighter I know.

7. The life that I had been living for the past six months was toxic and I never want to live like that again.

 I am welcoming summer with open arms and planning for epic adventures, lots of exercise, lots of sleep, lots of blogging (yay!!!)  and many memories with the people that I love the most. 


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