Why I am Thankful for Calluses + Other Life Updates

Let me just say this ... what an amazing summer this has been so far. I know I say this in literally every blog post but wow I cannot believe that we are in mid July. In one month I will be a senior and that just baffles me and before that I will have all of my summer homework completed, ha. Okay, slowing it down. A lot has been going on in my littler chapter in the universe and it has all been so amazing. Here is a little recap of qu'est-ce qui se passe.

 I am now a certified 200 hour yoga teacher. 
The taste of "I am a yoga teacher" is still so foreign on my tongue. Throughout the month of June this year I embarked on an incredible power yoga journey. Taking a yoga teacher training for me wasn't about simply having the credentials to teach yoga. It was about something bigger. I had several goals going into this program: to deepen my own yoga practice, to start the process of really truly loving myself, to experience connection, to learn and to be here in the now. To say the least the yoga tribe that the universe created for me this past month is nothing short of incredible. The only way I can explain the experience that I was given is this: pure, raw, transformation and acceptance. More on this to come later.

I went to Europe.
The highlight of each year of my life is the time that I share with my family on our world travels. This year our wanderlust lead us to Bavaria - Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. After being so introspective in the month of June with yoga teacher training, traveling to new places gave my perspective a more global twist. Once I download the more than 4000 pictures on my computer check back for more details on this too.

I fell in love.
... Except not with another human!! This summer, especially since my days had been lasting from 7am-5pm I only had the fleeting moments of the evening to spent with family, friends and most importantly myself. After a long day watching the sunset with someone I love be it another human or myself is something I look forward to every night. The sunset is magical, like Mother Nature watercolors something beautiful overnight to remind you to slow down and experience the raw and real beauty of life. Its simple, yet extraordinary and ever changing. It is also easeful, a slow end to one day with the promise of a new one coming after a period of rest. Human nature is truly meant to be easeful, and the sunset is here to remind us of that every day ... only if we take the opportunity to tune in and listen.

I have tuned into my body and started the journey of respecting it.
From yoga teacher training in June to my European vacation there was a dramatic change in lifestyles. In June I practiced a Baptiste power yoga practice ranging from one to four hours every single day. I ate super clean: fruits, veggies, juices, whole grains. Then I went on vacation. I still walked around six miles a day with sightseeing and still devoured all the fruit I could. Except my juices were replaced with endless ice cream and clean meals replaced by delicious local cuisine and B R E A D. No regrets. Just learning from experience. From feeling fit and easeful at the end of each night to bloated and lethargic, I am now on the journey to repairing my relationship with how I consume food and finding balance in my life. I am a libra, so of course I crave balance. This journey has allowed me to step back and observe what I feel like after binge eating and what I feel like after clean eating. Now the mental games are just beginning.

I also have become more in tune with my physical shell that I live in. The other day I was at a friends brand new house and was walking in my socks then surprised with a splinter an inch big jabbed into the callus of my big toe. My calluses from running used to bother me, and I am now thankful for them because the splinter removal process was annoying rather than painful. I was at training the other day and doing suicide sprints I completely face planted and got a really nice burn on my elbow and a huge bruise on my hip. I also am sunburned pretty bad even though I put on sunscreen. Through experience I have slowly come to realize what it feels when I live in my head and not my body. When I live in my head I am not in tune with my body and therefore arbitrarily not respecting my physical shell. My body is trying to protect me, I just need to listen. What do I need to do? Drink more water, journal some more, do some grounding yoga and give my puppy a hug.

I ordered my senior year planner.
Maybe this will help me be more grounded. It's pretty cute and in a pattern called Jardin de Paris which I think is pretty fitting to my wannabe French personality.

Writing all of the thoughts spinning in my head has helped me to realize that my head is in the clouds. I am dreamer, wanderlust and perfect just the way I am. As my yoga teacher, Beth, said the other day in class "There is nothing to fix, only things to experience." That is just what I needed.


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