New Adventures

I feel like I say this every year but wow I actually can't believe that junior year is over. Like I actually survived. Unreal. Right now I feel like I am just coming up for air after being underwater for the past eight or so months. I have a clean slate. It is magical.

With this clean slate and the SAT behind me there is so much to be done now that I actually have time for myself. The first of many things I have wanted to check off my bucket list starts today. Today I embark on the adventure of a 200 hour Baptiste yoga training. It's something that I have always wanted to do and right now the timing is perfect. Having this amazing learning experience will be like a detox for me, like a bootcamp, for the nurturing of my physical and mental well being. I hope to document what I have learned each day at yoga teacher training here on le blog. 

I also will be doing some travelling at the end of the month. So #jetsetkira will be able to use this blank slate to relax and experience what the world has to offer once more.

This summer is going to be so refreshing before the final push of high school where all of my time and efforts will be put into securing the rest of my life. While the though of college and beyond still completely terrifies me I know I must put my trust and faith in God and the Universe and always keep in the back of my mind that there really truly is no place other than the present. 

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