On Being Fearless

Today I woke up to news of the deadly shooting in Las Vegas. I felt my insides melt. It was the same gut wrenching, heart twisting feeling I had when I read about the attack in London, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Nice, Brussels, the bombing in Manchester and many others over the past few years. My heart belongs to the world and I keep wondering when will the time finally come that I will not feel this physical pain in my heart or the burning sadness running my my blood. Sensations flare up, but when they subside they never go away completely - a constant reminder of the sad, broken facade of the world that is highlighted in times like this. 

In times like this when the pain of the world is still raw, we have two choices: to hide or to be fearless. We could choose to see the world as a dark, isolated place plagued by a the flares of hatred, a place with a fatal fate. 

Change does not come from retreat. Those who change the world are those who are fearless with manifestations originating from the heart.

"Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light" - Yogi Bhajan

In times where the world seems like a black abyss, it is imperative that we take action based upon the light that we know is shrouded by the seemingly unending darkness. In doing this we must continue to live boldly and not retreat into the shadows and hide from reality. Continue to travel and explore our beautiful (yet broken in this moment) world, continue to smile, continue to learn. Call your senators. Each person matters in the fight for the peace, survival, vitality of our Mother. This world no mater how tainted she may appear is the only one that we have, so fight for her. Never ever give up: on our world, on our home, but most importantly never give up on yourself and the search for the light in this dark world that we all know is there. We just have to find it. Be fearless. 

I am with you world, I love you.

- One in 7 billion

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