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After four months of non-stop traveling, studying, going to class, finding my way around my (still new to me) city, I finally feel as if though I have a chance to breathe and reflect upon my first semester here in Copenhagen - and definitely plan on taking some time during my month long (!!!) Christmas break to continue to blog about this absolutely life changing experience. 

Yesterday, I took my last final (it was for my Danish Language & Culture class) and as I was walking after meeting in Christianshavn, I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude for this experience, to travel, to learn, for having the chance to study at an incredible university like Wake Forest, for all the people who I have met, for all of the lifelong friends that I have made and surprisingly to have a country like the United States of America to call my home, for this life. 

More on all of this to come but right now I just wanted a chance to share some of the photos I have taken these past two weeks in Copenhagen. Don't let the first photo fool you, the weather in Copenhagen is something that I don't think that I will ever get used to - we are lucky if we see the sun, it rains awkwardly and sporadically, the wind howls at all hours of the day and oh we cant forget about the darkness - the sun sets at 3:30! That's ok though, the Danes really do know how to deal with the unpredictability of their Nordic weather: coffee shops are extra cozy (my favorite in Denmark is chai lattes they are so good here!!), there are candles in every shop and restaurant and blankets can be found everywhere if you know where to look. :)

As the college gal that I am, I have been dealing with the cold and the dark by booking lots of hours in the library. After classes I literally could not return to my apartment because all I would want to do is sleep! I searched long and hard for my favorite place to study, and surprisingly my favorite place is Copenhagen Main Library; a public library (pictured below) used by everyone from students at the University of Copenhagen to groups old Danish men who sit in pods reading the newspaper. Many times I have sat down at this library and have been in full productive mode and haven't realized that 6 or more hours have passed! But I have to say, the best part about this library is the fact that once you walk in the revolving doors you are hit with the smell of freshly baked croissants and coffee from the coffee bar inside - like the whole library smells like a bakery ... my heart. 

Tomorrow is my last day in Copenhagen until January 16th 2018, which is crazy to wrap my head around. Time literally flew. I am so excited to go home and I have been packed for three days now, so my final day will probably be spent with coffee from my favorite cafe and at my favorite library putting the finishing touches on my research paper. Oh and of course hygge with my seventeen new friends, after four months of literally doing everything together (not even exaggerating) we go our separate ways for a month!

So now that I have had a chance to breathe and things are winding down, as I type this I am thinking about how much little moments like this mean to me - The cold, dark night outside, me in my pajamas with my (fake) candles lit snuggled in my bed surrounded by my christmas lights and poetry books with Christmas music playing, oh and of course my roomies (hi Myah, hi Emma) who I love more than they know. 

what a life. i am greatful. for everything - every challenge, every happiness. each day. alll of it. 

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