Ten Things I Take For Granted

A few weeks ago it was an absolutely beautiful morning here in Copenhagen, so I decided that instead of taking the metro to class I would take the forty minute walk. I mean it was sunny and there were literally no clouds in the sky which is quite a rare occurrence in the forecast here.  My optimism did get the best of me because the day I took the photos here was the coldest day I have ever experienced in my life thus far - I have never ever been this cold in my life. Like cold enough that taking my gloves off would result in my fingers turning purple - not even being dramatic. 

I haven't shared a lot about Copenhagen here simply because I have kind of a love / not really hate, but dis-love relationship with this city, but more on that later. This is a quick photo share of my walk and some things I take for granted about living in this city. The best way to get out of a rut is to slap yourself in the face and look at your life from a new perspective.

- When I decide to walk to class I literally walk next to a plot of land with a castle (Christiansborg) that has seen much of the history of the Danish monarchy; one of the oldest reigning monarchies in the world. 

- While I am still deciding on my stance about social welfare in general (last semester I wrote a pretty heated paper about why it works in Denmark but why it could never work in the States), right now it is pretty nice to be a Danish resident because with my little yellow CPR card which grants me free health care.

- I hear so many languages every single day. I can understand and some Danish and if need be I can hold a super basic conversation. I hear so many languages and accents every day that my own English is being tested a little bit. Sorry for anyone I've texted recently my grammar has gotten so bad. 

- I am independent. Like any second of the day I can do whatever I want. Within reason of course but like I can get coffee whenever and I don't have to go directly back to my apartment after class; like my day is entirely up to me and not confined to a seven hour day like it was in high school.

- I am literally living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Do I need to say more?

- I am surrounded by tall people all the time. As someone who generally towers over my friends and people in America, here I am maybe an inch above average height which is so nice. I can buy pants here and they are long enough!

- I am taking some very interesting classes this semester - some I am definitely more interested in than others, but overall my professors are very enthusiastic about what they are teaching which makes me as a student very eager to learn. 

- Cute. Dogs. Everywhere. 

- The sun is setting later and later which means that spring is on it's way here! It used to set around 4:10 but now I've even looked at my watch it's 5:10 and the sun is just now setting. I am so here for these longer days.

- Social media and the power it has to connect me to all of the world and as a way for me to document this incredibly unique experience that I am having.

Tak for i dag : ) 

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