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Well everyone its been almost two months since this post and I thought it was time to give you a little update on how this new journey is going. First off let me just tell you that these past two months of eating plant-based I literally have never eaten so much food in my whole life. Not even going to lie I am hungry all the time and in order for me to feel satisfied I have to eat considerably a lot more than I have before. Even when I do eat a lot give it two hours and once again I will be hungry! Because of how much food I go through in a day with the fact that I am buying and preparing the majority of my own food, it can get very overwhelming. At first coming back to school, I was very much concerned about having different foods and different meals - you know like food variety because I know myself well enough that I get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. After literally a week of nonstop food shopping and prepping, I eventually got over it and realized the power of a few basics. Except when I'm traveling I literally eat the same thing every day. While it's not ideal, it's what works for me right now and makes traveling that much more special.

Breakfast - My favorite food of all time and my favorite meal of all time is oatmeal. At one point last semester during finals I was literally eating oatmeal for every single meal :) It's super simple and super fast but incredibly yummy. I usually start with a quick oat and hot water combo with a splash of almond milk. My favorite things to put on top of it are bananas, raspberries or blueberries, mulberries, chia seeds, cacao nibs and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter (that I literally brought here with my from Trader Joe's :)

I love to treat myself to coffee or tea most days from my favorite coffee shops around the city. I will do a post all about them later.

Lunch - Has surprisingly turned out to be the trickiest meal for me, but also key for overcoming that midday energy slump. Since I am not near my kitchen in the apartment, it's easy (and dangerous for those who do not wish to experience a hangry Kira) for me to forgo it. I keep it simple by bringing a Clif Bar and an apple and some nuts from home or on days when I feel like / can spend the money there is this super yummy bagel shop right by where it take classes and I like to get a sesame bagel with all of their veggies and hummus.

Dinner - Again, I'm super lazy and I hate cleaning up and thinking about what I am going to eat. On most days I have a some kind of high veggie and carb meal. My favorite recently has been a bed of spinach mixed with 1/4 of an avocado, topped with jasmine rice and black beans, tomatoes, more spinach and the other 1/4 of an avocado. I always have room for something sweet and my go to recently has been dark chocolate, dates and a spoonful of peanut butter :)

The biggest thing I've learned these past two months of being vegan is to listen to your body and not compare what you eat to how other people eat. It's your life and your body and everyone's body needs a different amount of nutrients in order to feel satisfied. With that in mind honor your body: when you are hungry, eat when you are full stop. It seems simple but because I am eating simpler foods that are more aligned to how they came from nature your body will begin to give you more obvious signs of satisfaction after a meal. Food is fuel, not a weapon. Eat real freaking food, but remember that you are human and that if you have a day where you eat a sleeve of Oreos - always remember that life is all about balance and tomorrow is a brand new day.

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