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I'm trading vikings, sneakers with trousers, social welfare, smørrebrød, hygge, Carlsberg, and the Dannebrog

for a summer of chateaux, vin, baguettes, linen dresses, straw baskets, fields of lavender, and le tricolore. 

From the middle of May until the middle of July I am moving from the metropolitan city of Copenhagen, Denmark to the idyllic town of Tours, France in the heart of the Loire Valley to live with a French family and study advanced intensive French at the Institut de Touraine. I wasn't quite ready to leave Europe and I knew my French needed some tender loving care, so with the help of my professor/academic advisor and the French Department at Wake Forest I will be continuing my European studies into the summer to make my transition back to campus this fall that much smoother. Because of my work in high school and my solid grades here in college so far, I will be declaring my major earlier than most people of my year and studying French this summer will logistically make the rest of my college years much more flexible.

So I guess the time has come to tell you how I plan to spend the next three years of my life: 

I plan on double majoring in Politics and International Affairs and French Studies and minor in Art History at the beautiful Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina - oh and don't you worry 2018 will not be my last year of studying in Europe there is plenty more time to do that and so much more

So much has happened in the past few weeks I am at a complete loss for words. The universe works in crazy, wonder, mysterious ways. I pinch myself every single day that I get to live this life and know the people that I know, study what I love at a university where the sky is the limit - or actually as my professor/advisor and I discussed the need to live life with the intention of there being no ceilings on what the extent of possibility is. 

Me in France three summers ago

 When I return to the United States in July I will have just enough time to be a wild and crazy teenager and spend all day and night at the beach with my hometown friends, explore some of my favorite places in my own country and of course snuggle with my puppy before heading to a meditation center in Upstate New York in August to complete the first Level of training in Baptiste Yoga in order to be a Baptiste Certified Yoga Teacher by the year 2023. Baptiste power yoga is the discipline of yoga that has literally broken me down to build me into the person that I have become today and this summer marks two years since my 200hour teacher training so I thought it was time that I took my yoga to the next next step to not just do yoga but to be yoga and give yoga back to the world.

At the end of August my journey will settle down in Winston-Salem where I will resume a somewhat "normal" college life - I plan on attending every single football game, rushing a sorority and even joining the rowing team and my weekend trips won't be to Amsterdam, Barcelona or Berlin but to see my friends at Clemson and USC and even Alabama - however my college experience will never be normal because I will be constantly looking for adventure and living each an every single day like the adventure that it is. 

wow. just wow. 

breathing in dreams like air.

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