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"life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone"

I'm trying to make myself a Monday person. I'm all about embracing the kind of person that you are and not trying to fit a mold of what kind of person you are "supposed" to be ... but for me I really want to be a Monday person. I'm more of a Thursday person, where the weekend is near but there is that one final push and work to put in before rest. I am definitely not a Monday person or a morning person for that matter, so much that I have no less than five alarms go off every morning before I am even useful to the world. Baby steps.

In case you aren't following along on the Instagram journey, this past week was a travel break and I spent in the week exploring all parts of Morocco with my mom. This trip was incredible: no only for the time spent with my best friend, but also the amount of my newfound creative inspiration from being in this country. It was just what I needed after several months of being in a creative funk. I did a lot of writing, observing artisans and thinking out loud with my mom (who really can help me realize what I am making complicated in my life really isn't so complicated at all) and now more than ever I really do feel inspired to get back in touch with the creative person that I am. I literally took over 2000 pictures while I was in Morocco and I have lots of stories to tell ... so keep an eye out over the next several weeks.

Anyway the point of my ramblings here is to share with you some thoughts I have been having and which I have finally been able to put into words thanks to again my mom - she literally knows how to solve anything! 

About a month ago now I wrote about not being afraid, and through this past week I have discovered another, more deeper way to connect with this goal. The idea of my being afraid comes from my fear of the next step. Honestly, I feel hypocritical writing this because one of my mantras is to go beyond comfort zones. Life happens in tiers: you go from one comfort zone to going beyond it and then becoming comfortable in something that once seemed uncomfortable. This is a new realization. Like brand new. I talk again an again about how big moving to Copenhagen was for me, but now that I have been here for a while this once uncomfortable experience has now become my every day life. So here is an example of my new challenge: to take the next step, to look for ways to be uncomfortable and keep expanding the boundaries of the place where I am comfortable. 

I did that by going to Morocco: a country that had seemed foreign to me. Sure they speak French which is familiar but also they speak Arabic and practice Islam. Two characteristics which we have been socialized to be skeptical of by the Western world. Going to Morocco was uncomfortable without a doubt: I stuck out like a sore thumb and had never been surrounded by so many men before but through the uncomfortable I was able to find people to connect to and people that have changed my life forever. I have stories about this that I cannot wait to share with you.

So here is an excerpt from my journal on my thoughts about this concept of taking the next step because I will be applying it to ever aspect of my life: from what can I do here in Copenhagen to make life here different, to relationships (friends, family, housemates, beyond), to school, to building the image for myself and to my newfound practice of self care:

"Take the next step -- 'disrupt business as usual'; do not keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect your life to change; get and remain comfortably uncomfortable; find the edge and go so near it you think that you are going to fall, but have faith in yourself that you are not going to; do NOT accept complacency"

Happy Monday friends ... keep dreaming :)

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