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I mentioned in my last post the fact that part of my research will be the creation of my own podcast! My interest in and loyal following of podcasts is fairly new. I know myself well enough that anytime I put on an audiobook and try and justify it as "just a way to multitask" that I always end up tuning it out, and to be quite honest, the same happened for the first few of my podcast listening sessions. However, as a politics major and someone who genuinely wants a true awareness of what is going on around me, I have become an avid podcast listener these past two months. My roommate and I had quite different morning routines and I found myself alone in the room in the mornings to get ready and I found this to be the best time to trade my usual music sessions into the time where I qued all kinds of journalism up to start my morning. I am a strong believer that one cannot simply read one article, one news paper, or listen to one show or one voice and call themselves informed. I listen to all kinds of political podcasts to get the whole picture and all of the perspectives, which will help me formulate my own opinions and a better understanding of the objective truth.

Here are my favorites at the moment ... I use Spotify as my source:

Economist Radio (for more detailed coverage of specific events or phenomenon)
POLITICO's EU Confidential (excellent inside information about EU political climate)
The Intelligence (detailed coverage of niche subjects that are often overlooked by mass media)
The Daily (quick, easy to digest coverage of necessary events to be aware of and occasional, detailed editorials)
WSJ What's News (similar kind of content as The Daily)
Today in Focus (similar kind of content as The Daily) 
NPR News Now (similar kind of content as The Daily)
Post Reports (similar kind of content as The Daily)
The NPR Politics Podcast (in depth coverage of events in American politics)
Pod Save America (in depth coverage of events in American politics)

What are some of your favorite political / journalism podcasts? I'm ALWAYS here for more :)

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