Transitioning (Again)

If you've read my blog for the past few years, you know I am no stranger to transitions. My life certainly has taken some unexpected turns and I am definitely keen to what is next. In the spirit of non-comparison (like I talked about in my last post) and transparency (to keep it real, because you know, authenticity is cool) I thought it might be interesting to chat about how my summer is shaping up to look like ... it's certainly not what I thought it would look like two months ago!  (ps. The above photo is our new porch, my mom and I worked on redoing it over Easter weekend and it finally all came together. It's definitely our new favorite hangout spot.)

* My mom and I are tagging along on trip to Washington D.C. with my dad for a continuing medical education conference. I'm excited to go to some of the lesser known museums and am geeked about going to the Library of Congress.

* I am planning our family trip to LONDON! We booked this last minute because we did not know what the summer would hold with lots of new events happening in our family. We are SO excited because about a month ago British Airways announced a nonstop flight between Charleston and London (Heathrow) and we are very excited to have this opportunity! I am definitely going to be taking my parents to some of my favorite places in London that I have discovered these past two years of being there :)

* At the end of the month, I am going back to Wake for six weeks to take my required science course for my liberal arts core curriculum. There is NO way I would be found in a lab doing biology or chemistry, so I chose computer science. I am actually stoked. I taught myself how to code some parts of this website, I created a website for my position with the Center for Global Programs and Studies, and I did a huge coding project for my political science research methods class this past semester.

* I will be at Wake this whole month taking my class, volunteering and doing what I can to help with programming in the Center for Global Programs and Studies.

* The BIGGEST project I am undertaking this summer is an independent research project with the guidance of two professors here at Wake. I am so excited to challenge myself through about ten weeks of intensive reading, research, writing and theory formulation under my own direction and inspired by my own interests. In a nutshell, I am doing a case study about referendums in the Danish Parliament related to the European Union. My topic is a lot more multi-facted and complex, but I have 10 weeks to unpack it all. I am definitely going to be sharing my findings on my blog, but also I am making a podcast (!!!) to verbalize my theories, research and really internalize my findings. The month of June will be all about my research.

* By the end of this month my month dedicated to research will be condensed into a thirty page paper so that I can meet my deadline with a week of revising before submission.

* While not concrete, there are still weekends this month that I want to travel. I have friends and family all over Florida and potentially an exciting trip to the north east

* While all of this is happening, it is now "next year" and what that means is that graduation is lingering right around the corner. The next step is on the other side of this door is basically here. In addition to my research about Danish EU referendums, I will be researching and formulating the next chapter of my life.

* I have a huge deadline August 7th which means my research will be completed!

* I move back to Wake Forest very early because I will be in training for my new job as a Resident Advisor in an upperclassmen residence building. In addition, the newest cohort of Global Awakenings freshman will be having their orientation and I certainly will be involved in that.

*  After a summer of research, adventure, self care and preparing the best possible version myself for what is to come, at the end of this month, I start my special third and final year of college.

Thank you so much for taking the time read a little outline of what is to come. I hope you stay around as I share my findings for my research. I know it is a very niche topic, but I am very excited to share my passion of the Nordic Model and European Union relations with you.


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