Last Week of College: At Home

One of the aspects about going to Wake Forest that made college different for me was the fact that people actually dressed up for classes. Whenever I came home my high school friends would get all wide-eyed when they heard this. The uniform of most other southern schools is leggings and a sweatshirt in the winter and an over sized t-shirt and shorts in the spring. At Wake Forest, however, the uniform for the wintertime were puffy coats and leather leggings and you knew it was spring when it seemed like every girl was wearing some kind of floral skirt with trendy sneakers.

At my soon-to-be alma mater, every day was like living in a fashion magazine at Wake Forest. Wake girls sure do know how to dress that's for sure, even when they are dressed down in sweatpants they found some way to make it chic. It made everyday fun because I always got inspiration for the next outfit I wanted to put together and you always had something to talk about while waiting in line for coffee at the ZSR Library Starbucks. While I have had my days of looking like I just rolled out of bed (especially on Fridays;), I'm glad that getting dressed up everyday was a part of my college experience because my style grew as I did.

I have continued to put on real clothes even while in quarantine to make the days seem more like they would if I were at school. I'm not much of a documenter of my outfits besides a mirror pic every now and then (everyday, ok fine), but if I were to have a whole moment of taking photos of what I am wearing, this week seemed like a good one. I present to you what I wore the last week of college while in quarantine.

Monday - verbal presentation for Business French for Management class via Zoom (FRH 330), starting a final essay for my Ethics, Technology and Violence class (POL 252)

Top - Free People / Jeans - Madewell / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday - last Conspiracy Theories in Latin America class via Zoom (POL 242) and finishing my essay for Ethics, Technology and Violence! (POL 252)

Sweater - J. Crew / Skirt - Free People / Shoes - J. Crew

- last French and Francophone Prose Fiction class via Zoom (FRH 364), completing last written assignment for Business French for Management (FRH 330), completing final essay for French and Francophone Prose Fiction (FRH 364) 

Top - J. Crew / Jeans - J. Crew / Shoes - Golden Goose 
Friday - eased in after a day completely off and worked on a final essay for Conspiracy Theories in Latin America (POL 242) and selected my time for moving out of my apartment back at Wake Forest, took time to breathe 

Dress - Free People / Shoes - Frye 

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