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Left - Antique 17th Century Berber Ring from Marrakech, Morocco / Right - 18th Century Cameo from Sorrento Italy

My parent's wedding anniversary is on New Years Eve and I remember as a child every year going with them to a fancy jewelry store to look at the sparkly treasures behind the glass casings. I would watch my dad help my mom try on gorgeous necklaces and earrings dreaming about the day where I, too, could wear pieces on my body that reminded me of a a princess. Going to the jewelry store was always such an elegant experience and even now when I think about these days I always associate jewelry with happy memories, celebration and love. A part of growing up has been a journey of what kind of sparkly things I have started to put on my ears and my fingers like my mom except now I am starting to associate my own stories with the pieces to make them my own.

It all started with a beautiful turquoise ring I got when we were in Sedona, Arizona a few years ago that my fascination with the story telling power of jewelry and realizing that what I put on my body doesn't isn't just for show - they are symbols of memories that I have collected throughout my adult life. 

Today, I wear a lot of pieces that I don't take off and have twelve piercings total in my ears. Each hole and each piece of jewelry has a story attached to it. The collection of metal on my ears has grown as I age and each hole holds a piece of jewelry accumulated sometime throughout my travels from Europe to the United States. But it's not just my jewelry that makes my story, its the jewelry of my mom that I am starting to be passed down, some of the ones I watched her try on in the jewelry store as a child. To me, jewelry is not only beautiful its a story and the collection that I wear every day makes me feel like a walking gallery of memories of my own and of my family. 

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