Escape to Asheville

[ An absolutely gorgeous, and windy, sunset view from our hotel window overlooking the mountain skyline. The colors of the sunset were not like the beach sunsets that I have seen. The sky was like a color field painting. It looked like someone had lovingly, yet lazily dropped lavender and peach into the horizon. As someone who grew up by the ocean, mountains will never cease to leave me with a sense of awe. ]

It's kind of crazy to think that junior year is winding down. AP exams are next month followed by SAT bootcamp and a whole summer filled with yoga, travelling and college application writing!! While all of that lingers over my nose in my everlasting to do list, the end of spring break was the perfect way to escape Charleston (and schoolwork!!) to kick back and enjoy a slow weekend after a hectic week of travelling. 

Just recently we have discovered that Asheville, North Carolina is our favorite getaway location. It's a super easy and very scenic four hour drive from Charleston. This past trip, we all piled into my dad's new Tahoe for its inaugural road trip. It's really amazing to have a great playlist going and watching the scenery from the windows evolve starting with the ocean and then the unfolding hills up by Columbia and finally the majestic mountains of North Carolina. 

If you asked me not one year ago if I would have ever considered going for a weekend in the mountains, I would have told you a firm no way. My thoughts were running along the lines of why would I go to the mountains when I've been to the Swiss Alps or the Andes? I'm so lucky to have travelled where I have in my life that I had forgotten all about the hidden treasures that are near my own home *enter Asheville*. 

Asheville is a very eclectic little town located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. The only way to describe the feeling that I get from Asheville is "local". Everyone is so kind and so eager to carry on a conversation, whether it is the soap maker or the hostess at the restaurant. Time seems to slow down in a way. People are enjoying the slower pace of life and savoring each moment, not rushing off to the next. They dress in an way that meets their aesthetic -artsy. There are two distinct styles: those who wear pieces of fine art from a clothing and jewelry gallery and those who prefer a prized instrument over their shoulder coupled with a pair of moccasins. The 70s hippie vibe is so real here, overnight we passed by this one group of musicians in their earthy clothing dancing happily to the beat of their impromptu drums and the strum of their guitar. One was even hula hooping. That's the kind of carefree nature that I want to have in my own life one day. 

Here are a few moments from my trip to Asheville that really encompass the beauty of not only the nature, but also the culture of this tiny city. 

[ We dined at this fabulous tapas restaurant called Zamba. From the outside I would have never entered, but the food is absolutely incredible and the relaxed ambiance truly encompasses the whole atmosphere of Asheville. I'm ready to go back to Barcelona now!]

[ Our most favorite hotel in Asheville was booked the weekend that we were there; however, that did not stop me form lusting over in the hotel's sister store. D├ęsirant is a really gorgeous store with amazing brands ranging from Alo Yoga to Calypso Saint Barths, not to mention their uber cute home decor complete with their very own coffee bar. I could seriously buy everything! ]

[ I'm a total sucker for body products. I have been ever since I was little. Growing up has made me realize how much more I appriciate quality ones over bottled concoctions at Walgreens. Whenever I buy a bath or body item I buy them so that no animals are harmed in the making of the products, they are made in small batches and are good for my health and for the environment. All of these qualifications in my bath products I can find at the most gorgeous earthy-chic store called C & Co. They make all of their products by hand in small batches right in the store. Because of the freshness of their products the store smells absolutely amazing. This past visit I bought a citrus rosemary body scrub, perfect for rubbing all the winter out of my skin as I get ready for summer (read: a tan). ]

[ Anthropologie is my hands down favorite store of all time. I just so happens that Asheville has the most beautiful one that I have ever seen. ]

[ Channeling my inner Ashevillian by wearing a boho printed tunic and lacy socks with converse. I havent really showed myself on the blog lately, so hi! I'm really tall and leggy! ]

[ Of course I had to do a shot of my hair, I recently cut ten inches off! I will do a post later all about it and what I have learned about myself from this experience. ]

[ Concluding with the same view from the same hotel room at during the day. The mountains in the crystal clear skyline are so captivating. The hotel that we stayed at this go around was Hotel Indigo. I highly recommend this eco-friendly hotel right on the brinks of downtown. The rooms were immaculately clean, the modern art on the walls was super play and the drinking water was immaculate, weird but true! ]

Thank you for following along for the highlights of my relaxing weekend in Asheville. I definitely want to come back in late summer to explore what Asheville is really known for: hiking and apple picking!

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