Little Things

[ The only thing that makes studying for AP exams is beautiful light on the art wall. ]

[ Vegan banana ice cream creamed in the Vitamix. *heart eyes* ]

[ On repeat is my white edgy-for-me white converse coupled with lacy socks. ]

[ The palm trees in the south are looking extra beautiful with summer just a few short weeks away. ]

[ I went to an Elle King concert with one of my best friends. Both of them are just so cool. ;) ]

[ This trellis project has been a year in the making at chez Tabor and this past weekend it all came together. ]

These past two months have been insane. This past weekend was the first weekend that I felt that I could come up for air right before I have to stick my nose back down for the final push of junior year. In the midst of studying for AP exams (one more to go!!), keeping up with working out and healthy eating (ehh) and keeping my sanity in check relaxing, there have been little moments in my life that I have documented to keep me present. In hectic times I have learned to fully appreciate the little things in my life that keep me rolling forward. Summer please come sooner!!

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